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Oistos: Arrowsmith's arrow

Oistos Pragmatics is the brand name of the consulting and other services provided by Charles N. Arrowsmith.  Oistos Pragmatics are straightforward, practical services aimed at providing durable value to clients by leveraging the knowledge and strengths that they already have to better serve their goals.

Oistos (Οιστος) is the ancient Greek word for arrow, and their name for the small constellation known today as Sagitta, the Arrow.  Pragmatics is a science that examines the causal and other relations between words, expresssions, or symbols and their users.  As with the the usual interpretation of "pragmatic", the focus is on the practical: on things that lead to useful results in the real world, not abstract theories.  It comes from the Latin pragmaticus: skilled in business.

So if you want to improve your business results, your products, or your processes; contact Charley Arrowsmith to get Oistos Pragmatics working for you.  For practical, targeted help with computer systems, product development, intellectual property, technology or knowledge management; please contact me.


Oistos Pragmatics
Usable Knowledge, Technology, Strategy & Process


Successful user experiences enable customers to achieve their objectives, and your enterprise to realize its business goals.  Oistos Pragmatics targets inefficacy by addressing the aspects of products and processes that inhibit the desired effect, result, or strategic trajectory.  Your long-term results are determined by the relationships and interactions of users and other stakeholders with information, systems, and products in the context of your business operations.  Oistos Pragmatics offers practical ways to give your organization the power and capacity to deliver the desired results.  Make contact now!


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