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Pragmatics: It's all Greek to me :-)

Semiotic, the science and general theory of signs and symbolism, is usually divided into pragmatics, semantics, and syntactics.  Syntactics studies the rules and structure of grammar (syntax).  Semantics is the branch of semiotic dealing with meaning in language.  Pragmatics examines the causal and other relations between words, expresssions, or symbols and their users.  As with the the usual interpretation of "pragmatic", the focus is on the practical, on that which leads to useful results in the real world, not abstract theories.  It comes from the Latin pragmaticus: skilled in business; derived from Greek pragmatikos (Πραγματικος) with root pragma: deed, as in "to do!"


Oistos Pragmatics
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"It's all Greek to me!"  The word οιστος is well formed and has a clear meaning, so what's your problem?  Unless you know some classical Greek, you don't have a mental model that corresponds with this symbol.  You don't know how to use it.  You probably will not make the intended interpretation and take the intended action without additional reinforcement.  Notice the use of the word "intended" rather than "correct".  Now, think about your products and problems your customers have due to "incorrect" use.  Or think about the policies & procedures, processes, strategy, ..., in your company - does your organization follow them "correctly"?  Even though it may be 'common sense' to you or your development team, it may be "all Greek" to your employees or customers.

Oistos Pragmatics can do!  Using proven processes and techniques Oistos Pragmatics can help you target key problems that undermine your ROI - top line and bottom line - as well as your employee and customer satisfaction.  Become pragmaticus!  Hit the bullseye with practical, cost effective solutions that leverage the strengths your people and products already have.

So if you want to improve your business results, your products, or your processes; contact Charley Arrowsmith to get Oistos Pragmatics working for you.  For practical, targeted help with computer systems, product development, intellectual property, technology or knowledge management; use the contact page or email to get started.  Or if this new technology stuff is "all Greek to you", just call see image for number (Pacific business hours please) to discuss your specific business opportunity and to learn how you can deliver

Usable Knowledge, Technology, Strategy & Process


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